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Only too happy to answer lots and lots of questions. After all, that’s what got me here!

If you won those game shows back in 2005 and 2006, why have you taken so long to start this site?

I didn’t think of it until years later! After the wins, a lot of people asked me about the experience, the journey and (of course) the prizes. They’d also ask if I had any tips or techniques that helped me, and that could possibly help them if they ever went on a game show. I do.

And since so many of my friends and acquaintances were asking, I thought there’d be a lot of people in the wider world who’d be curious, too. And it’s only now that I’ve educated myself about how to construct a blog, that I’ve been able to share the information like this.

What’s it like, having half a million dollars of gold bullion?

Actually, I don’t know. The show gave me the option of taking the cash instead, I didn’t know anything about gold at the time, the actual gold was stored in Perth (on the other side of the country) , and I thought the cash would be handier, so I took it. At the time (August 2005), gold was trading at $575.23 per ounce, so $500 000 worth of gold would have been just under 27 kilograms (just under 60 lbs). Or 27 of these.article-mint-420x0

And while that would have been incredibly cool, you can’t buy a house with them…

How much tax did you have to pay on your winnings?

None! Under Australian law, cash prizes from competitions are not taxable.

What did you do with the money?

I put it towards buying a house; the house that I live in now. Houses are expensive!

Looking at various posts around the site, what’s with the blue and red text?

Haven’t you worked it out by now? The parts in blue bold text are game show tips or hints: little nuggets of advice that may help you in your quest for game show success. And if the words in blue bold text are the “Do“s, then the bits in red bold text are the “Don’t“s; the red bold text highlights What Not To Do. Got it? Good.

What game shows are currently on TV in Australia?
Not that many. In fact, there’s only The Chase Australia and Millionaire Hot Seat on free-to-air commercial TV at the moment..
Australia, with its population of 23 and a half million people, just can’t sustain as many game shows as the UK – I mean, look at this list – or the US, where they even have a whole network dedicated to them!
Can you study for a game show? Did you study?
Certainly! Who Wants To Be A Millionaire millionaire Martin Flood discussed this extensively when I interviewed him for this site. In my case, I studied by watching Temptation and getting to know the show inside and out. There’s a more detailed account of this here. Regarding preparing for a game show appearance by studying the general knowledge aspect, I know a lot of people do study lists, and learn lists (and there’s a great technique for doing that in Derren Brown’s book Tricks of the Mind) – that’s one of Martin Flood’s techniques, but the only general knowledge type study I did for mine was familiarising myself with the winners of Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year‘, over the years.
What’s the key to winning? Speed or knowledge?
Are there any shows that really are just pure luck – no skill required?
Deal Or No Deal is the one that springs to mind here. when you get right down to it, it’s a blind guessing game; what cash amount goes into what briefcase is completely random. there’s no way you can get an edge on guessing what amount is where.
If YOU could go on any game show in the world, which one would it be?
I think the original format of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a great format, but it’s not on in Australia any more. I’d definitely say Millionaire. I’d study hard, I’d learn the best ways to use those lifelines… it’s only 15 questions to answer to get to that magic million, after all!
Who is the biggest winner (in dollar terms) of all time?
Well, from the research I’ve done, that seems to be the legendary Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, whose various winnings add up to a Grand Total of $5,223,414 !
Are there game shows for kids?
Yes, there are lots! See? A while back, I interviewed Michael Pope for, and he had some interesting stories from when he hosted the kids’ game show Blockbusters, back in the 1990s.

4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

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  2. Is it correct that you only receive your winnings If that show goes to air and that you wait months for the money?

    • Hello Marcia,
      Yes, as a general rule, I think pretty much every game show contestant contract stipulates that you don’t receive any cash or prizes you win on the show until the episode is broadcast.
      As for the second part of your question, I’m not so sure about that… in my case, it was much sooner than that – just a couple of weeks.
      I hope that answers your questions, and thank you for asking them!

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