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  1. Would you happen to have a copy of Martin Flood’s complete run on Millionaire?
    I can not find it on YouTube anywhere. Yes there is the million dollar moment but not the COMPLETE run.

    Would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Jake,
      No, I’m sorry I don’t have Martin’s complete run on ‘Millionaire’… I’m not even sure if Martin does!
      I’ll put a call out for you, and see what I can find, but I can’t promise anything.
      I’ll see what I can find. Thanks for your interest in the site!

  2. Hello again.
    Just saw the “New ITV produced Australian quiz show” link which gave me a video. The music used in this video is a indication the show is The Chase
    Have a look for yourself
    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hL3cbJ7BDak ( The chase pre show music)
    https://go.mycastingnet.com/apply/show/gameshow ( the website with the ITV’s new Australian quiz show.)
    There have been a lot of rumours

    Let’s start with the host. Many names have appeared in conversations. Names like Simon Reeve

  3. Sorry my earlier post was not done

    (Continuing from last post) Names like Simon Reeve and one person on TV Tonight’s website has said Bradley Walsh himself. If you look at TV Tonight right now, you would find that Seven seem to have decided to use Andrew O Keefe.
    Would Andrew be good for a quiz show? I don’t think so. I like Deal but I believe there are better options then Andrew for The Chase.

    One commenter even suggested on TV Tonight that you Stephen ( yes you) be a chaser. Have you seriously been contacted by ITV studios Australia about being a chaser? If not, would you want to become a contestant?

  4. Hi, Stephen. I was just wondering if you could help me out. I’m studying for a quiz show I’m going to be going on in August and was just wondering…. if I am asked who the fifth Prime Minister of Australia is, for example, would that be Alfred Deakin or Andrew Fisher? Given that Deakin would be on his second run at that point, or Fisher would be the fifth actual PM in power rather than the sixth PM position filled. Does that make sense?
    Thanks so much for your time!
    p.s. I LOVE your website… and it’s made me want to study for the next five years and win a million. 😀 I KNOW I can do it! After all. The questions are easy if you know the answers.

    • Hello Yvette,
      And thanks for your surprisingly specific question. I reckon, with the example you outline above, that a quiz show question writer would probably not write that question in the first place. When you’re writing questions, the last thing you want is any ambiguity or confusion – they need to be succinct, clear and binary. That is to say, there’s only one right answer to the question, and if it is right, it couldn’t possibly be wrong under any circumstances. Any question writer worth their salt will put each of their questions through this acid test: “is there only one right answer”, and “is the Right answer Right-And-Could-Never-Be-Wrong”?
      Thanks for your kind words, Yvette, and I love your optimism.
      That’s really important – don’t lose it.
      All the VERY best of luck with you upcoming appearance, and remember – study the show, study the show, study the show (and refer to previous posts on howtowingameshows.com too, of course)…..
      Now go get ’em!

  5. Hello again. Thanks for mentioning me in the latest ‘Game Show News’

    The main reason why I came this time to talk to you is regarding the ‘Second MHS story’ but also the incredible drought for a $1,000,000 question on MHS

    And a sorry to you Stephen in advance if this is a big read.

    When Bri Dredge wanted to lock in D, Eddie said “Have another think”
    At that point I shouted at the TV saying “Shut up Eddie”
    She changed it to B and got it right
    Eddie does help some contestants but is very obvious which ones will get help from Eddie.
    And still with these little (sometimes huge, like last night) hints, there has not been a $1,000,000 win in the Hot Seat incarnation of Australian WWTBAM.

    In fact, the last time a $1,000,000 question was asked was on 13th May 2013.
    I remember that day quite well because I went to the Gold Coast with the family ON THAT DAY. I kid you not. I did not know the outcome until the next day because I had to get on the plane as the episode was being broadcast on TV. I used Wikipedia the next day and watched the YouTube clip when we returned home.

    I fear that MHS has become even cheaper. There has been 14 weeks of episodes since the new set was introduced. Only 2 or 3 $250,000 questions have been asked with only 1 contestant winning $250,000.
    I starting to think that the technicians at Channel 9 didn’t prepare for a $1,000,000 question with the new set because of said facts earlier.

    I got a question for MHS
    What should you do regarding this drought of a $1,000,000 question.

    A. Rename the show to “Who Wants To Win $250,000”
    B. Invite former (pre Hot Seat era) big winners to play
    C. Make the questions easier
    D. Completely restructure the audition process to allow better contestants

    I would be saying “Lock in D Eddie” because the very same episode as the
    prep teacher buying kids shoes, we had a PE teacher who did not know cricket positions and also a health student who did not know the human body.

    I hope Stephen you have enjoyed reading this ‘homework’ on Hot Seat.

    • Thanks Jake, interesting thoughts. I must admit, I haven’t watched ‘Hot Seat’ in a while, and I do vastly prefer the classic ‘Millionaire’ format; I reckon the format of MHS leaves too much to chance. But that’s just my personal opinion – what do I know?!

      • I agree with you saying Hot Seat leaves too much to chance.

        The classic format is far superior. The classic music and the format would be left untouched if Celador kept the rights to WWTBAM, 2waytraffic has screwed up a fantastic quiz show. Thank goodness for YouTube though.
        Hot Seat is better then MDM though. Surprised Andrew Skarbek won $1,016,000 on that show in March-April of this year. ($16,000 was safe money he collected along the way)

  6. Looks like The chase is on!

    Likely means that repeats of Deal or no Deal and new episodes of Million Dollar Minute get the chop.

    The promo is available on tvtonight and yahoo7. Looks like Seven have got the set right.
    Features ‘The Governess’ and former MDM big winner Brydon Coverdale. Two additional chasers also feature in the promo but I have got no idea who they are. (None look like you unfortunately)

    Are you able to provide the names of the other two chasers as well as any other little pieces of information.

    • Hello Jake,
      Yep, your eagle eyes don’t deceive you; ‘The Chase’ is indeed coming to Australia, to be hosted by Andrew O’Keefe.
      As far as I know, the other 2 Chasers are Matt Parkinson (comedian who won big on ‘Sale of the Century’ + ‘Einstein Factor’ Brains Trust) and Issa Schultz. I do have more to report on this, and it will be the subject of one – if not two – upcoming posts….
      So keep checking back here for more news!

  7. Hi Stephen,
    I’ve applied for pretty much every quiz show since the late 1980s and have failed to ever get on. I get past the quiz part of the audition easily enough (I’ve won the ACT quiz champs three years running and go up to Sydney for the World Champs annually. Anyway my theory as to why I don’t get any further is:
    I live in Canberra and producers don’t want someone from the capital to win.
    I am a middle-aged, balding white male in a white collar job.
    Are you aware of contestants being discriminated against because they might be too good at quizzing or live in the wrong city?

    • Hello Phil,
      And thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had much luck getting on, but I must say I haven’t really encountered any discrimination along the lines you mention. Contestant co-ordinators tend not to discriminate against any particular locations; in fact, they’re usually encouraged to cast people from a variety of locales, including interstate ones. And as for being too good at quizzing… Well, I’d have thought they’d LOVE that! They’re always on the lookout for potential champions. So, I’m sorry Phil – I don’t really know what to tell you. All I can say is – from one middle-aged balding white male to another… keep plugging away!

  8. With the news that there is going to be an Australian version of Pointless, I was wondering if you had heard anything about who would host the show? Had you put your hand up for it? Alternatively, would you like me to start a rumour that you will be the host?

    • Hello Phil,
      And thank you for getting in touch. I have heard a couple of morsels about who may be hosting the show… and I do (already!) have a juicy behind-the-scenes story to tell. I think I should wait until the show’s on the air, but rest assured, it’ll most definitely be the subject of a future post here. Oh, and thank you for your rumour-starting offer, but that won’t be necessary. I do appreciate the sentiment though.

      • “Won’t be necessary” huh? sounds like you’ve already got the job. Congrats!
        Meantime, I’m hoping they don’t mess with the format of the show too much. I like that they give contestants a second appearance and I like the banter between the two hosts. I fear though, that the TEN network will slim it down to one host, a half-hour show and only one appearance. Your thoughts?

      • As it appears Pointless will soon be no more (and therefore another quiz that I’ve auditioned for but not appeared on – 100% streak continues), what is the juicy story you have about the show?

        • Hello Phil,
          And sorry to hear about your run of (not so great) luck in the auditioning department!
          In answer to your question… all in good time, my friend – all in good time. The ‘Pointless’story is going to form the basis of an upcoming multi-part post, in the snappily titled ‘PatentedHowToWinGameShowsReminiscences’ category.
          In the meantime, thank you so much for your support of – and engagement with – the blog…
          And here’s wishing you better luck with your next audition!

  9. Hi,
    Do you offer advertising space (or article placement) on howtowingameshows.com?
    If yes, what would the cost be?

    Steve Marks

    • Hello Steve,
      And thank you for getting in touch.
      If you’d like to email me (stephen@howtowingameshows.com) with the specifics of what you’re proposing, I’d be happy to discuss it further with you.

  10. I saw on Twitter that there is going to be a version of Tipping Point being made on the Nine network. Have you heard anything about this as I can’t find any other information?
    Also, maintaining my 100% failure record by not getting through the Hard Quiz audition.

    • Hello Phil,
      And I’m so sorry to take so long to reply to this – your message must have slipped through the cracks somehow.
      No, I haven’t heard anything at all about ‘Tipping Point’ potentially coming to Nine… where did you hear about that?
      And I’m sorry to hear about your bad luck re: ‘Hard Quiz’… are they doing another season,that you can try again for?

      • I think the internet got over-excited but the appearance of UK episodes on nine at 3pm suggested that nine might follow the method seven did with the Chase. But apparently nine has “no intention” of their own version.
        Hard quiz would appear to be pretty settled for as long as Tom wants to keep doing it, in my opinion.
        You’ll be happy to know I’ve finally broken my duck and will be on a future episode of Mastermind.


  11. Jeopardy Australia will debut on Channel 9 this Saturday at 7:30pm. It was filmed last year in the UK with only Australian ex pats. By putting it on in that timeslot (up against NRL and AFL) it seems that Channel 9 don’t have much confidence in the offering. Have you seen any marketing about it?

    • Hello Jack!
      No, I haven’t seen any publicity at all! I do remember reading last year that they would be recording it in the UK, that the contestants would all be Australian expats, and that it would be hosted by Stephen Fry. Must confess, I didn’t see it last night, but will chase it down if it’s on 9’s catch-up service. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Stephen Fry…

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