Sure, I know it’s not strictly game show-related, but…

… I’m so excited about this, I just had to mention it here. My brand-new book

50 Things To Be Seriously Grateful For Today

*and 50 not-so-serious things to illustrate them 


Right HERE!


I’ve been working on it for ages, and it feels so good to finally get it out into the world. I like to describe it as “a very sincere and very silly non-fiction book that’s chock-full of fiction”. Here’s its blurb:

After a quick look out the window the other day, Stephen Hall thought it might be an idea to remind himself – and you – of some Things worth being grateful for.

50 Things, in fact.

From Memories Of People You’ve Loved, to The Taste Of Your Favourite Food…

From Being Able To Read, to Having Your Rubbish Collected Each Week…

From Visual Art, to Instant Access To All The Knowledge In The World…

From This Morning’s Sunrise, to Dogs (they don’t even have to be yours).

And to illustrate these 50 hand-picked Things, he’s included a bunch of not-so-serious clippings, excerpts, articles and assorted ephemera that have never been seen anywhere before. Ever! This is a book like no other. Inside, you’ll find:

  • The world’s most passive-aggressive flowchart
  • The comic strip Grumps, the Extremely Irritable Scottish Terrier
  • A collection of 10 limericks about buttering toast
  • A page from the visitors’ book on the moon

And much, much more.

Join Stephen for some gentle and timely reminders that the glass is half-full, after all… and that even getting the glass in the first place was a bonus!

If you’d like to know a bit more about the book, I’ve set up a dedicated website for it at

Thank you for reading this far (I’m grateful for that!), and I’ll see you next time, when I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled game show-related content.

Cheers, Stephen.

My Twitter handle @How2WinGameShow is no more. It has ceased to be….

Hello, just a quick one today, to let know that I’ve now officially retired the @How2WinGameShow Twitter handle, and replaced it with my new one @The_StephenHall

The reason for the change is that I’m spreading myself across several projects right now (and intend to continue doing so for the foreseeable future), so I wanted my Twitter presence to be a more centralised pointer to them all… A “hub”, if you will.

(Will you? I know I will. So will I. Alright then, a “hub”.)

After all, is just one of the things I do!

If you do happen to go to @How2WinGameShow, you’ll see there’s a placeholder message there, directing you to the new handle.

Which, again, is @The_StephenHall.

Thanks, that’s it. See you in the Twittersphere!

Well of course it’s a coincidence. What sort of stupid question is that?



From the ‘Why-Didn’t-I-Think-Of-This-Before?’ department…


Hey, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that in the nine years I’ve been running, this idea has only just occurred to me now…

I bang on here a lot about my ‘game show journey’; about all the things I learned from competing on those quiz shows, about how it all felt, and about what I was thinking at various points along the way. But for some reason, it never occurred to me to make those shows available for you to watch here.

Oh sure, they’re all housed over at the HowToWinGameShows Facebook page… but there should also be a link to them somewhere around HERE, on this blog, shouldn’t there? Of course there should. If I’m running a blog all about TV game shows, and I have actual watchable examples from the game shows I’ve competed on, why ON EARTH haven’t I pointed my visitors to them before?


Anyway, now I am. I’ve created a new ‘Videos’ page here on the blog, linking to full recordings of all my game show appearances. It’s where you’ll find links to:

  • My first tentative appearance on Sale of the Century, way back in September 1994, when I was just 25….
  • My second appearance on Sale, five years later….
  • All seven episodes of my run on Temptation in August, 2005…
  • My two appearances in the Temptation ‘Quizmasters’ tournament of 2006…
  • And my appearance on Australia’s Brainiest Quizmaster in 2006.

So if you’re interested in watching any – or all – of these, just head on over to the brand new ‘Videos’ page!

And sorry I took so long to get around to doing this.

Nine years old today!

Thanks Paul, thanks George. Thanks Ringo, John… I’ll take it from here. 

Well, here we are. Nine years of When I started this endeavour way back in 2013 by nervously uploading this introductory post, I had no idea whether this concept had legs. Did the topic have enough depth and breadth to sustain a regular blog? How would I fill it? Would anyone be interested in it?

At all?

Well, I suppose it has provided enough content. Otherwise, we wouldn’t still be here. My original aims for it have expanded since the site’s early days, and it’s evolved into quite a multi-faceted beast. As I look back, I now realise that has featured…

  • Interviews with game show winners,
  • Interviews with game show hosts, stars, producers, writers, directors, producers (and audience warmup men),
  • Guest Posts from game show aficionado and serial contestant Ryan Vickers (17, at last count!),
  • Reviews of game show-related TV shows, books, movies and podcasts,
  • Game show-related news updates,
  • Autobiographical posts relating my various game show adventures,
  • My PatentedHowToWinGameShowsBehindTheScenesReminiscences, where I lift the lid on what happened backstage on the various game shows where I’ve worked as a writer and/or producer…
  • And of course, it’s also given rise to my eBook How To Win Game Shows, which is available from several different online retailers. (

But underneath all that, I hope I’m still managing to bring you some useful tips and hints, and plenty of reminders of what NOT to do in your game show adventures too.

I’ve got more great interviews, reviews and reminiscences lined up for the coming months… so I suppose I haven’t completely run out of content just yet. Thank you so much, as always, for your support and interest, and here’s to shepherding HTWGS through to double digits, exactly one year from now!



ICYMI on HTWGS in 2021

Hello, and again Happy 2022 to you!

Just a quick one today, before I launch into the year’s first official, exclusive new content next week. I thought I might take a look back at some highlights of last year here on the blog, to give you a second chance to catch up on them, in case there’s anything there that might take your fancy, but which you missed at the time.

First up, in February, I let you know about a very clever, very funny new podcast created by a couple of brilliant Melbourne-based comedy writers. It’s called The Pop Test, and each episode tackles a scientific subject in great detail with the help of a couple of celebrity contestants, and a whole lot of smart gags. Andy Matthews and Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall are the brains behind this, and if you haven’t sampled it yet, you really should give it a go!  

In May, our good friend – and occasional guest blogger – Ryan Vickers drew our attention to the second season of The Search For Canada’s Game Shows, all episodes of which are available to watch online. They make fascinating viewing for any game show aficionado. (Hey, that’s you!) 

Then, in June, we discovered a brand new nightly online quiz, in the form of The TikTok10. Australian quiz show question writer Miles Glaspole creates a new 10-question episode every weeknight, in a fun, quick quiz that’s now racked up over 18 MILLION LIKES! Congratulations, Miles! You can see what all the fuss is about right here.  

The second half of 2021 was almost entirely occupied by my epic, 18-PART EXCLUSIVE episode with Australian quiz show legend David Poltorak. It was a wide-ranging and very candid conversation with a man who’s proven himself in front of the cameras, and in a variety of behind-the-scenes roles in the game show industry since he exploded onto the quiz show scene back in the 1980s. If you haven’t read the interview, I’d heartily recommend it. The whole thing kicks off here.

And finally, we rounded out the year with…

  • My latest HTWGS movie review. I took a look at Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much, which tells the incredible story of Theodore ‘Ted’ Slauson, who’s appeared on The Price Is Right a whopping 37 times! You can read my review right here, and the 72-minute movie’s actually available to view online here, here and here
  • And a two-part interview with game show winner Kristi Milley, who told her twisty, turny tale of appearing on the ill-fated 2006 Australian Quiz show the MASTER. There’s certainly a lesson to be learned with that one!

So there are a few highlights of The Year That Just Was, in case you missed them. I look forward to welcoming you back here next week, for my very first big, EXCLUSIVE interview for 2022. It’s with a man who’s worked behind the scenes on many of Australia’s biggest game shows across all the major networks, across four decades! He’s veteran Australian game show producer Steve Marshall, and it’s a far-ranging chat you won’t want to miss.

See you then, then! 


Thanks, Mr Gumby.

As 2021 draws to a close, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your near ones and dear ones all the very, very best for a wonderful 2022. Whatever sort of 2021 you’ve had, I sincerely hope that 2022 is Bigger, Better and Brighter for you!

I’ve got loads of good stuff lined up for the blog in the year ahead, including: 

  • More of my patented HowToWinGameShows reminiscences,
  • More book reviews,
  • and more exclusive interviews with fascinating behind-the-scenes figures from the game show industry (the first one of which will start in just a couple of weeks).

If there’s anything other game show-related material YOU’d like to see me tackle in 2022, please do let me know, either in the comments below or via email: I’m always open to suggestions!

Thanks so much, as always, for your support… 




Merry Christmas from!

Hello. As the year that was 2021 winds down, I’d just like to take this opportunity to heartily wish you and yours all the Compliments of the Season. I hope your Christmas is exactly what YOU want it to be. I hope it’s happy, I hope it’s safe, and I hope it contains liberal amounts of laughter and love.

And, of course, silliness.

Thank you so much for your support throughout this year…. and again,

Merry Christmas to you!




My latest quiz show appearance (#spoileralertletsjustsaywinningisnteverything…)


A quick one today, to let you know about a quick radio quiz that my Mad As Hell castmate Tosh Greenslade and I did on ABC Radio National last Friday…

Every Friday, Patricia Karvelas’s’ drivetime show has a light-hearted quiz about the news of the week, usually featuring two comedians. This week, it was our turn to face off against each other, on subjects ranging from a Flintstones-themed house to fuel for European flying cars.

It was really good fun. If you’re interested, and you have a free 20 minutes, here it is…

I’ll see you next week, with exciting news of an epic new interview that I’m just putting the finishing touches on now…

Until then, then!

A nightly burst of quick quizzy goodness…


Just a quick one today, to let you know about a fun new quiz competition that’s the brainchild of Australian quiz show question writer Miles Glaspole. In his spare time, Miles has created a brand new quick-fire general knowledge quiz format for TikTok!

It’s called The TikTok 10, and it’s a rapid round of 10 general knowledge questions that you have to answer before Miles says the answer. The thing is, he says the answer right after the question, so you really do have to be pretty darn fast…

There’s a new episode every weekday at 7 PM AEST.

Speaking as a gentleman of a certain age, I must confess that I’m not totally, entirely, 100% super-familiar with the intricacies of TikTok… but from what I’ve seen, this looks ace!

And I think it’d certainly be excellent training for anyone contemplating going on a fast-paced fire quiz show.

Nice one, Miles!

And THAT’s where Canada’s game shows got to…

Hello! I’ve just got a quick post for you this week, with an update from our Canadian friend Ryan Vickers, who’s kindly written numerous guest posts for the blog about his various game show-related adventures over the years…

Ryan tells me that Season Two of the documentary series he’s involved with (The Search for Canada’s Game Shows) recently premiered in Canada, on the Canadian TV channel Game TV!

“Well, that’s all fine and dandy,” I hear you say.

“Oh yes sir, that’s all very well and good,” you go on, “but what if I want to watch this show, and I don’t happen to BE in Canada? Hm? What do I do then, Einstein?”

Um, my name’s actually Stephe-

“Eh? Did ya ever think about that? What if I’m not there? What if I’m HERE, instead? Only 38 million people live in Canada, you know – just 0.48% of the world’s population – and I’m tellin’ ya right now, pal – I’M NOT ONE OF ‘EM!!”

Well, okay. But if you’d just –


Um, you can watch it online, via this link that Ryan provided:

“Oh,” I hear you say.



Yeah, no worries.