My EXCLUSIVE interview with game show contestant and author Pamela Hill – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my interview with actor and serial game show contestant Pamela Hill, whose book The Next Contestant Is… is now available on Amazon. Knowing that Pamela’s an actor and a game show enthusiast (just like me!) there was one question I had to ask…


SH: Given your performing background, nerves don’t seem to be much of a problem for you, but many contestants do struggle with them. Do you have any tips for aspiring contestants to stop nerves getting the better of them, come show time?

PH: Yes, it does help that I’m a performer… although, like everyone else, I do get very excited! What works for me is staying very present in my game play by listening (while keeping my energetic nature). If it’s a show that’s already airing, watch some episodes before your audition, or when you are picked to be a contestant. Refresh yourself by watching previous episodes on TV or YouTube. If it’s a game, you can practice at home (alone, or with a friend or family member). Practice, Practice, Practice! My hubby William and I have been fortunate enough to appear on many game shows together. I spoke about it in my book. We did well, because of the time we spent practicing with each other. You will feel more relaxed and play the game better.

SH: Of all your appearances, which was your favourite show, and why?

PH: Wow, another great question! So many, for so many reasons… But if I have to choose just one, I would say the game show No Relation. In this show, it was the celebrity panel’s job to guess the fake family member. I got to play an imposter, and by having acting and improv experience, I was able to combine both of my worlds (acting and game shows)!

SH: Your least favourite?

PH: As I relate in my book, when I got a question wrong on Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck, faux grass fell from the ceiling, covering me. Although it was slightly embarrassing, I remained a good sport. Even with a flustered me, I still had a smile on my face!

SH: Having appeared on so many game shows, what changes have you noticed in the TV game show landscape over the years?

PH: The one big change is there are more contestant auditions on Zoom than in person. Though over the computer, you still need to bring that energetic personality and winning smile! Whether it’s in person or on screen... First Impressions Count!

SH: What do you think is the future of game shows?

PH: I think game shows will always be around. People grow up with them, watching them with their family. They are entertaining, nostalgic, and engaging! A great escape. Playing games is fun, and viewers enjoy participating by watching and playing them at home. My hubby William and I do that with Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. Game shows are timeless.

SH: Are there any game shows you haven’t been on yet, that you’d like to? If so, why?

PH: There are so many great classic and new game shows to choose from, I don’t know if I can pick just one! But I wanted to mention that my hubby and I had wanted to be contestants on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for a long time. We tried qualifying when we first started dating. Many years later… we had our opportunity to be on the show! I talk about this exciting adventure in my book!

SH: I liked that in the book’s chapter titled Now It’s Your Turn, you arranged your advice into an A-Z contestant’s checklist… But are there any other tips or hints you’ve thought of, since you wrote the book, that you might like to share with our visitors?

PH: Thank you, Stephen – I had fun writing that list! Although I do talk about this in The Next Contestant Is… if I added some new ideas to my list, they would be: Do your research (be well-read, watch YouTube videos of the show, etc.), and if I could add an extra letter P to my list, that would be Practice, Practice, Practice!

SH: Thanks so much for chatting to me today Pamela! Before we go, are there any other upcoming appearances or ventures you’d like to mention?

PH: Thank you, Stephen! It was wonderful to connect with you! Congrats again on your projects! I enjoyed my interview with you. I play the lead role of Dr Kate Rand in the martial arts sci-fi comedy film Cyber Fighter. My husband William plays the main character Brian Baldwin. He also wrote and is directing the movie! Our comedic web series That Darn Girlfriend is now in its third season! I play ‘Valerie’ and William is ‘Vic’. It’s a kitschy classic comedy, with a vintage ’60s/early ’70s feel. Your readers can find our episodes, along with our other projects on our Four Scorpio Productions YouTube channel, and for my new projects and pics, you can visit me at

SH: Great! Pamela, thanks so much again for talking to me today for!


I’d like to thank Pamela for her time today, and to remind you that her book The Next Contestant Is… is now available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and audiobook formats. I’ll see you back here next time…

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