My ‘Mastermind Australia’ journey – Part 9: the aftermath and conclusion

And that’s that. Thank you and goooodnight!

Hello! If you’ve been following this chronicle of my Mastermind Australia experience over the last nine weeks here….

A) Jeez Louise, don’t you have anything better to do?

B) Thank you.

C) You’ll know that it’s all about my preparations for – and experiences during and after – my appearance in THIS particular episode of the popular long-running quiz show:


D) You’ll also know that I ended last week’s instalment right after losing the game by one point, meeting up with my wife Judi and leaving the studio. Now read on…

==============================================================After our episode, when Yael, Kieran and I were back in the contestant greenroom, a producer thanked us for taking part in Mastermind Australia‘s Champions Week, and gave we three Quiz Champions our consolation prizes for all the work we’d done in preparing for, and competing in, our episode.

We were each given a Mastermind fridge magnet.

The ‘Mastermind’ fridge magnet.

Judi and I said our goodbyes, and the producer walked us to the SBS café and buzzed us in, so that we could buy ourselves some lunch. 

I received kind text messages from Troy Egglestone (who’d won the first episode recorded that day) and Andy Zito (who was currently competing in the third), and from another one of the show’s producers, who said I was very entertaining. 

I’ve obviously had a lot of time to reflect on the whole Mastermind experience since the record day. In hindsight, I’m kinda glad I didn’t get through to the Champions Week final (the fifth and final episode recorded that day). That would’ve meant waiting around in the greenroom for another six hours or so, before taking my chances with another batch of General Knowledge questions, and then the ‘Slow Burn’ round. Having studied the show as closely as I did, I suspect the potential for failure is much greater when there’s no Specialised Subject round in the episode. At least you can control how well you do in the Specialised Subject round. With whatever batch of General Knowledge questions they assign to you, and whatever ‘Slow Burn’ question you end up with… well, you’re pretty much thrown to the wind. And good luck.

The way things played out, I got to show off my specialist knowledge, I hope I was a good guest, and I think I gave the show a good (and feelgood?) episode. I really hope I lost with a bit of good grace and dignity.

After we left the SBS studios, Judi and I drove to Newcastle (where we were going to attend a wedding the next day), unwound with a few drinks in our hotel’s bar, and had dinner at a Thai restaurant.

I ended the Mastermind record day by watching the first episode of the new series of Australian Survivor, where Frankie was the first player voted out. I realised that whatever Mastermind-related feelings of defeat, disappointment or humiliation I might’ve had would have been roughly 1% of what poor Frankie’s must have been; after a long (and no doubt gruelling) application process, she had finally, finally got herself onto Australian Survivor, with sky-high hopes of winning the ultimate prize of $500,000… only to be summarily chucked out at the very first opportunity.

And chucked out not because she didn’t know the answers to a few General Knowledge questions… but because the majority of other people on the show actively wanted to get rid of her, and worked hard conspiring to do so.

Now, THAT would have been rough!


And that’s it for this particular gameshow-related adventure! I hope you enjoyed my behind-the-scenes account of my Mastermind Australia experience, from go to whoa. I’ve absolutely no idea when my next gameshow-related adventure (as a participant) will be, but when I do have one, you can rest assured that I’ll definitely be chronicling it all for!  

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