A very brief pause… for a very good cause. :)

And now

Hello! I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled programming this week to let you know that the night after tomorrow night (Thursday, May 16th), I’ve once again signed up to the “Sleep at the ‘G” event, to help raise funds to combat youth homelessness. #MCMSleepAtTheG


This is an annual event organised by Melbourne City Mission, who do great work in this field. It involves spending the night at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (the “G”), and sleeping on its concrete floors in a sleeping bag, with only a collapsed cardboard box for a “mattress”. I’ve done it three times now (2019, 2020 and last year), and although it could never equal the experience of sleeping rough on a regular basis, it has given me a much better understanding – and a deeper appreciation for – some of the hardships suffered by the many (far too many) people who unfortunately find themselves homeless. Back in 2020, I did it at home, due to COVID lockdown, and here’s a glamour shot from that particular evening:

Bright eyed and bushy-tailed? Yeah, not so much…

This year, however, the event’s back at its traditional home – the Melbourne Cricket Ground! So I’ve enrolled again, and I have a fundraising page set up RIGHT HERE... (The full URL is https://www.sleepattheg.com.au/fundraisers/stephenhall).

If you happen to be in a position to sponsor me or make a donation, I’d love you to consider that possibility! Every little bit really does count.

After the event, I may post a pic or two here…

A) So you can see that I kept my promise and went ahead with it, and

B) So you can have a nice smug laugh at my no doubt near-frozen visage.

Thank you for your consideration, dear visitor, and for reading this far… and that’s it for this week! It’ll be back to business as usual here next Tuesday afternoon, with Part 7 of my Mastermind Australia journey… where the day of The Record is at hand! EXCIIIITIIIIIING!!!!

See you then!


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