I’m on ‘Mastermind Australia’ tonight!


Tonight, something’s happening that I’ve been dying to tell you about since November last year. I’m a contestant on tonight’s episode of Mastermind Australia, which screens on SBS at 6:00 PM. And, a couple of hours after that, it’ll be up on SBS on Demand.

I was invited onto the show back in November, and after a bit of deliberation, I thought it would be a fun thing to ‘come out of retirement’ for. I also thought the experience could provide a really great case study for HowToWinGameShows.com; I could keep a chronicle of the whole journey –  all the way through, from go to whoa – and share it with HTWGS.com visitors afterwards. After all, isn’t that exactly what this blog is meant to be all about?

Yes. Yes it is. (Actually, that was a rhetorical question, didn’t need to write that last bit.)

Anyway, that’s what I’ve done. It’s a warts-and-all, behind-the-scenes diary of the whole experience… from the first time I was contacted to the day of the record (and its aftermath). It’s ended up being a 9-part series, and the first instalment will be up next Tuesday, after you’ve had a chance to watch Mastermind Australia… either at 6 PM tonight on SBS, or after that on SBS on Demand!

Oh, and in other news…

YES! Quiz champion (and the subject of our extensive interview back in September) Yogesh Raut has WON the 2024 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions!

With his Tournament of Champions victory, Yogesh took home the $250,000 GRAND PRIZE and booked his place in the upcoming Jeopardy! Masters competition, where he’ll be facing off against some of the top-performing players in Jeopardy! history.


4 thoughts on “I’m on ‘Mastermind Australia’ tonight!

  1. I enjoyed watching you.
    You look so different than when you appear on MAD as Hell.

    • Thanks, Catherine! Ah yes, well this is the real me. Or the game show contestant version of me, anyway… 🙂

  2. I had no idea you were a trivia champion until I saw you on Mastermind last night. And then in the very next episode of Jeopardy, Yogesh talked about how much you’d helped him. Synchronicity!

    • Yes, someone else told me about the ‘Jeopardy!’ mention right after ‘Mastermind’ as well! Not sure if it was fortuitous timing or just an amazing coincidence… Either way, I’m happy! 🙂

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