From one-man show, to interviewee, to interviewer…

Hello! Firstly, my apologies to you for not checking in for a while, but now…

I’ve been having a pretty busy time since HTWGS turned 10, back in March. The thing that’s mostly been taking Centre Stage – and a WHOLE lot of my time and energy – since then has been my Melbourne International Comedy Festival one-man show…

I’m pleased to report that the show went well – even getting a couple of really nice reviews – and that I’m now planning a tour of it throughout regional Victoria next year, with the help and support of Regional Arts Victoria. So, all in all, the whole thing was a successful experiment! (Phew!)

“Well, that’s all fine and/or dandy, Stephen,” I pretend to hear you say… “But what on earth does THAT have to do with game shows?”

Mm, good question.


BUT bear with me, because there are two things I want to talk about today that ARE, in fact, game show-related.

Firstly, I was very flattered to be approached by the good folks at last month, to be interviewed for a piece they were doing on game show winners. It was a fun exchange; we did the whole thing via email (since I’m in Australia and they’re in Lithuania) and the end result is right here:

30 People Share What Happened With Their Prizes After Winning A Game Show

And secondly, I’m pleased to announce my next big interview, which will start here next week. It’s with Yogesh Raut, who’s been a quiz show enthusiast and expert for decades, writing and competing in pub trivia, Scholastic Bowl state championships, collegiate quizbowl, the Trivia Championships of North America, the World Quizzing Championships, and more. He produces the podcast Recreational Thinking; he runs the blog The Wronger Box, which is a cornucopia of fascinating facts, regularly updated, and he made news in January this year following his run on what is probably America’s favourite TV quiz show – Jeopardy!

My conversation with Yogesh probably goes deeper and addresses more serious issues than any interview I’ve ever done here. It’s a very comprehensive, wide-ranging, deep-diving discussion, so I will be breaking it up into quite a few instalments. We delve deep into topics both fun and uncomfortable, and it all kicks off next Tuesday, right here. I hope to see you here then!

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