My Twitter handle @How2WinGameShow is no more. It has ceased to be….

Hello, just a quick one today, to let know that I’ve now officially retired the @How2WinGameShow Twitter handle, and replaced it with my new one @The_StephenHall

The reason for the change is that I’m spreading myself across several projects right now (and intend to continue doing so for the foreseeable future), so I wanted my Twitter presence to be a more centralised pointer to them all… A “hub”, if you will.

(Will you? I know I will. So will I. Alright then, a “hub”.)

After all, is just one of the things I do!

If you do happen to go to @How2WinGameShow, you’ll see there’s a placeholder message there, directing you to the new handle.

Which, again, is @The_StephenHall.

Thanks, that’s it. See you in the Twittersphere!

Well of course it’s a coincidence. What sort of stupid question is that?



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