From the ‘Why-Didn’t-I-Think-Of-This-Before?’ department…


Hey, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that in the nine years I’ve been running, this idea has only just occurred to me now…

I bang on here a lot about my ‘game show journey’; about all the things I learned from competing on those quiz shows, about how it all felt, and about what I was thinking at various points along the way. But for some reason, it never occurred to me to make those shows available for you to watch here.

Oh sure, they’re all housed over at the HowToWinGameShows Facebook page… but there should also be a link to them somewhere around HERE, on this blog, shouldn’t there? Of course there should. If I’m running a blog all about TV game shows, and I have actual watchable examples from the game shows I’ve competed on, why ON EARTH haven’t I pointed my visitors to them before?


Anyway, now I am. I’ve created a new ‘Videos’ page here on the blog, linking to full recordings of all my game show appearances. It’s where you’ll find links to:

  • My first tentative appearance on Sale of the Century, way back in September 1994, when I was just 25….
  • My second appearance on Sale, five years later….
  • All seven episodes of my run on Temptation in August, 2005…
  • My two appearances in the Temptation ‘Quizmasters’ tournament of 2006…
  • And my appearance on Australia’s Brainiest Quizmaster in 2006.

So if you’re interested in watching any – or all – of these, just head on over to the brand new ‘Videos’ page!

And sorry I took so long to get around to doing this.

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