Nine years old today!

Thanks Paul, thanks George. Thanks Ringo, John… I’ll take it from here. 

Well, here we are. Nine years of When I started this endeavour way back in 2013 by nervously uploading this introductory post, I had no idea whether this concept had legs. Did the topic have enough depth and breadth to sustain a regular blog? How would I fill it? Would anyone be interested in it?

At all?

Well, I suppose it has provided enough content. Otherwise, we wouldn’t still be here. My original aims for it have expanded since the site’s early days, and it’s evolved into quite a multi-faceted beast. As I look back, I now realise that has featured…

  • Interviews with game show winners,
  • Interviews with game show hosts, stars, producers, writers, directors, producers (and audience warmup men),
  • Guest Posts from game show aficionado and serial contestant Ryan Vickers (17, at last count!),
  • Reviews of game show-related TV shows, books, movies and podcasts,
  • Game show-related news updates,
  • Autobiographical posts relating my various game show adventures,
  • My PatentedHowToWinGameShowsBehindTheScenesReminiscences, where I lift the lid on what happened backstage on the various game shows where I’ve worked as a writer and/or producer…
  • And of course, it’s also given rise to my eBook How To Win Game Shows, which is available from several different online retailers. (

But underneath all that, I hope I’m still managing to bring you some useful tips and hints, and plenty of reminders of what NOT to do in your game show adventures too.

I’ve got more great interviews, reviews and reminiscences lined up for the coming months… so I suppose I haven’t completely run out of content just yet. Thank you so much, as always, for your support and interest, and here’s to shepherding HTWGS through to double digits, exactly one year from now!



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