My latest quiz show appearance (#spoileralertletsjustsaywinningisnteverything…)


A quick one today, to let you know about a quick radio quiz that my Mad As Hell castmate Tosh Greenslade and I did on ABC Radio National last Friday…

Every Friday, Patricia Karvelas’s’ drivetime show has a light-hearted quiz about the news of the week, usually featuring two comedians. This week, it was our turn to face off against each other, on subjects ranging from a Flintstones-themed house to fuel for European flying cars.

It was really good fun. If you’re interested, and you have a free 20 minutes, here it is…

I’ll see you next week, with exciting news of an epic new interview that I’m just putting the finishing touches on now…

Until then, then!

4 thoughts on “My latest quiz show appearance (#spoileralertletsjustsaywinningisnteverything…)

  1. Second’s pretty good! Right after first isn’t it?
    If you’re Australia’s Brainiest Quiz Master (should be Quiz Champion) what does that make Josh?
    Can’t believe you don’t know your European flying cars.

    • Thank you, Someone; yes, that’s certainly what I’m telling myself.
      In answer to your question… I have no idea. I don’t know even know what that makes Tosh, let alone Josh! 😉

      I’m off now to study all the benefits of Aviation Fuel versus Regular Unleaded.
      It promises to be a fascinating afternoon.

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