A new news quiz show – who knew?


Just a quick – and rather mysterious – update this week from our DetailsAreActuallyRatherThinOnTheGround department… According to TVTonight.com, the ABC is searching for contestants for a forthcoming news-based quiz show:

ABC is looking for contestants for the unnamed new quiz show all about news & current affairs. To apply, email your name, state and mobile number to quizcontestants@abc.net.au

… So, it would appear it’s a nationwide search.

They don’t report in any more detail than that, and after a quick online search, I’m afraid I haven’t been able to uncover any more details or supporting information either… But there it is. If a news-based quiz sounds like your cup of tea, why not apply?

… And if you do, would you mind letting me know (either in the comments section below or via Stephen@HowToWinGameShows.com) anything you DO find out about it? 

Good luck!


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