Normal Service Has Now Been Resumed.

Yes, yes. Bender Bending Rodriguez (Bending Unit 22, Unit Number 1729, Serial Number 2716057) is right.

Mark Zuckerberg has finally, FINALLY come to his senses and restored all the posts to the HowToWinGameShows Facebook page.

I bet he was probably having sleepless nights. It must have taken a heavy toll on old MZ. He had to eventually crack; I mean, he’s only human. I bet he woke up screaming yesterday, simply unable to bear any more of the crushing, soul-deadening, bone-aching sheer MORTIFICATION

of mildly inconveniencing the 82 people who follow it.

Oh, and I guess perhaps the 11th hour deal with the Australian government and various media organisations might have had something to do with it, too.

Either way, the HTWGS Facebook page is now BACK, so you can triumphantly go there and get all the latest HTWGS news that’s just directly copied off this blog anyway…

The news that also automatically pops up on Twitter and LinkedIn as soon as it pops up here…


What was I worried about again?

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