My public promise to you (and to me, now that I think about it…)

This is the cover image for my forthcoming novel ‘Symphony Under Siege’.

Just a quick one today, and it’s quite off-topic, but if you’d be kind enough to indulge me…

As you may recall, five months ago I finished the first draft of my first novel, by writing a new chapter each week, and posting it online every Friday at midday.

This was because I’d publicly promised to do that, way back in March last year.

Well, the whole making-a-public-promise-with-definitive-timeframes-built-into-it method proved to be really effective for me, because

I Got The Thing Done.

I always seem to be more motivated by an external deadline (even if it’s one I’ve made up). If I hadn’t imposed those deadlines – for which I had to be publicly accountable – I’d probably still be faffing around on Chapter 3 today.

And so, bearing that in mind, I just wanted to hereby make this SOLEMN VOW to you, my dear, beloved, pretty and fragrant visitors to….

Yep, fair enough.

… That my debut novel Symphony Under Siege will be launched – initially as an eBook – on, on


(DEEP BREATH) And now that I’ve made that promise to you…

I HAVE to keep it. 

So that leaves me with 49 days to finish all the editing, cover design, formatting, submitting and all the other million little things that need to be taken care of.
49 days? Lordy! I’d better get back to it, then.

Until next time (when I promise I will return to game show-related content here)

Stay Well, Stay Safe… and Stay Home!
P.S. If you’re interested in receiving updates on the novel’s progress, please consider joining the mailing list I’ve set up especially for that purpose. Cheers!

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