O Canada! O Game Shows!

Something a little bit different this week. I just wanted to draw your attention to an interesting new six-part documentary series all about – you guessed it – Canadian game shows! It’s called The Search For Canada’s Game Shows, and you can watch all six 22-minute episodes right here, on the Search For Canada’s Game Shows website. (www.CanadasGameShows.com)

It’s a really engaging and amusing series, with loads of archival footage, and interviews from some of the major players in the Canadian game show… erm… game. 

In fact, one of the people they interviewed for the series is our old friend and occasional guest blogger Mr Ryan Vickers! And I’m happy to say that if all goes well, he’ll be sharing the details of his involvement here in his next guest post, in the not-too-distant future.

It’s a well made series, and while it’s a great primer on game shows in that part of the world, there are lots of interesting tidbits in there about the genre in general. 

So there you have it – this week’s recommendation: The Search For Canada’s Game Shows; all four episodes streaming now, at www.CanadasGameShows.com

You’re welcome!  

2 thoughts on “O Canada! O Game Shows!

  1. They should do an Australian version hosted by that guy who won Australia’s Brainiest Quiz thingy.

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