Merry Christmas!

Hello! Just a quick one this week, to bring you tidings of comfort and joy, and to wish you all the very warmest Season’s Greetings!

As another year draws to a close, I’d also like to thank every one of you who visited the blog, every one of you who got in touch with me on Twitter, and every one of you who purchased my eBook. It’s very heartening – and humbling – to know that there’s still a place for this site, and that so many people are getting something out of it.

So again, I thank you.

I’ve got some really interesting stuff on the cards for HowToWinGameShows in 2020…

… which I’m quite excited about, but I’ll go into that in more detail next week.

Oh, and one more thing…. If you’re in Australia, and you happen to be watching Vision Australia’s Carols By Candlelight on the Nine Network tonight (broadcast LIVE, from 8:00 PM)…. keep an eye out for Santa popping up during the show.

Does he look a little bit familiar? Hmm?


Peace, love and light, to you and yours.


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