My EXCLUSIVE interview with ‘Millionaire Hot Seat’ Winner Judd Field! Part VI

And so now here we are at the climax of Judd Field’s Millionaire Hot Seat journey. The top prize amount on offer in Judd’s episode has turned out to be $50,000, and Judd has now battled his way through several questions to get here. He started the game in the Hot Seat, he’s been out of the Hot Seat, and is now back in it again, and he’s just about to have a crack at the big one…. ==============

SH: Before the final question, Eddie made you sing for your supper, literally. Presumably, this was something you’d worked out beforehand?

JF: Haha, yeah that was the song I sung down the barrel of the camera in my audition to stand out, for a bit of fun. I knew they would ask me to do something, so was ready to bust it out. In the recording of the show, they actually showed part of a clip of the song I helped write for a UK RAF war widow charity, that ended up being filmed in Westminster Abbey as the only song ever allowed there. After they played that, Eddie asked me to sing something else. The video clip part of the conversation never made it to air, which is a shame cause I might have got 10 seconds of royalties as well. Haha.

SH: Your final question – for $50,000 – was

“Well, nobody’s perfect” is the final line of which classic film?
A) Some Like It Hot
B) Chinatown
C) A Clockwork Orange
D) Psycho

You hadn’t seen any of them recently… but you were leaning towards A. Why was that?

JF: This was more of both a hunch and a logical deduction; “Nobody’s perfect” sounded too much like a cliche line for any of the modern films. So to me, it fitted how an older style film would finish, before cliche became cliche.

Also, Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe to me seemed to be superficially about what kind of person someone else likes. Again, it made logical sense to finish a movie that appears to be judging people’s appearances with the statement that nobody’s perfect. Maybe it was the calm, divine nature of what was going on in my brain, but I was just drawn to that movie, right from the start of the question, and then went about logically justifying and reasoning why I was drawn to it.

Well, I’m very glad you did select Some Like It Hot, because……

… it was of course correct, and now you’re $50,000 richer! You mentioned to Eddie on the show that if you won that amount, you’d like to record your own album. Is that still the plan?

JF: I really would love to make an album one day, however with all the music piracy completely decimating the music industry, and 55 million streams of Baby I Love Your Way only netting its writer (Peter Frampton) $1700, it is maybe not the soundest investment at the moment.

But as a “full of ideas” creative, as well as a songwriter, I have a few other creative irons in the fire, including a children’s book, a board game, a game app, and a number of musicals I’m involved in writing songs for. I’m currently thinking they may be a wiser creative outlet seed money investment, and if any of those come to fruition, I’ll then have the surplus funds to be a bit more self indulgent and make an album.

SH: Before I let you go, do you have any final tips or hints for anyone wanting to go on Millionaire Hot Seat (or indeed on the original Who Wants To Be A Millionaire)?

JF: I guess after seeing only two winners come out of the six episodes I watched being filmed, just temper your expectations, and be prepared to be in more of a luck-based quiz show. Don’t bet the house on walking away with anything; just relax, go and have fun! If you win, it’s a bonus.

SH: Judd Field, thank you so much again for talking to me today, congratulations, and enjoy your winnings!

JF: Thanks so much Mr Hall, I have in fact just returned from a lovely getaway with the wife in Hawaii, courtesy of Eddie!


And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. I’d like to thank Judd again for giving so freely of his time, in sharing his Millionaire Hot Seat story with me. And to wish him all the very best again, in whatever he decides to do with his creative seed money. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Judd’s story, and picked up some useful tips if you’re considering applying for Millionaire Hot Seat. I’ll see you next time…

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