It’s Just Not Cricket… it’s a radio interview!


I’ve got something a little bit different for you this week…

It’s 16 minutes and 6 seconds of me on the radio, blathering on about game shows!

A few weeks ago, I received a lovely email, out of the blue, from the producer of the radio show It’s Just Not Cricket, on ABC Radio Perth.

Its presenter, the very charming and affable Glynn Greensmith, was doing a special on ‘the tricks of the brain’, and wanted to interview me. I gladly agreed, and you can hear the result right here, at the one-hour mark.

However, in case you’re geoblocked from listening, or in case the above link is no longer working, you can also listen to the interview from its home here at HTWGS…

If you do, I hope you find some value in it!

See you next time.

One thought on “It’s Just Not Cricket… it’s a radio interview!

  1. Great interview. Anything from Stephen Hall is a must read, a must listen or a must … something or other.

    Very important point made by Stephen Hall – when you go on these shows ‘it’s your one big chance’ but for the people who make these shows ‘it’s just another day at the office’.
    I found this can throw you a bit as the producers don’t know the effort you’ve put into preparing for their show and for the most part they aren’t overly concerned about you or your efforts. If you do well then of course they’ll be very interested in you. You may have invested so much into a particular quiz or game show that you’re expecting it to change your life but to the producers you are one of many many unknown contestants they see all the time.
    Don’t let that throw you. Stay focussed and stick to your plan.

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