Guest blogger Ryan’s Top Auditioning Tips.

Guest blogger Ryan Vickers


Our guest blogger Ryan Vickers is back again this week, with his thoughts on – and experiences of – auditioning for various different game shows. So, if you’re wondering whether or not to take the plunge and apply to get on your favourite game show, you’ll no doubt find his words of wisdom very handy!

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But now, it’s over to Ryan for Episode 5 of His Life In Game Shows….


My Life In Game Shows

Episode 5: Try, Try, Try, Try, Try Again – Experiences In Auditioning

Over the years, I’ve been able to audition for various game shows and have applied for many more. And, just like me, the way that you were able to audition for game shows has changed. Originally it was merely the task of making a phone call when you saw the number on the screen during the show or read about an audition in the paper. Nowadays the “audition” has changed more into the “casting process” with considerably longer applications to fill out. Today, I’m talking about my experiences in various types of game show auditioning.


The first show I ever auditioned for was Wheel of Fortune. Once I was lucky enough to be randomly selected for a spot by random draw, I encountered what I would term the “personality form”. On many shows, longer forms are required – for example the English-Canadian version of Deal or No Deal was approximately an 11 page application that also required you to choose four dynamic people to be your “rooting section”

PRO TIP: When faced with questions like “Tell us something about yourself” or “What would you do with the money?”, take some time to think it through and put something unique. If you might spend the money on a trip, make sure to expand by picking something out of the ordinary that you might do, like a specific activity. I put down that I had swum in jello for a local mall contest; that was certainly out of the ordinary!


Two specific US game shows currently airing on the CBS Television Network – The Price is Right & Let’s Make A Deal – do auditions in the style of “speed dating”. Their contestants are picked from the audience members that have previously secured tickets for that day’s taping. The contestant staff quickly asks you questions like “Where are you from?” and “What do you do?”.

PRO TIP: Be yourself – just a bit bigger – when faced with this type of audition. Most importantly, BE YOURSELF. They will see through the fakers!


Following a written application, sometimes you’ll be asked to do a chat over the phone or Skype. They may ask you specifically why you want to play the game, or they may want you to play the game over the phone. The latter experience is the one I had when I applied for the French-Canadian shows Atomes Crochus (Blankety Blank / Match Game) and Pyramide ($100,000 Pyramid).

PRO TIP: MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE GAME. Unless it’s a new game show (and that’s happened to me before) make sure you know how to play the game. It’ll look really embarrassing if you don’t know what’s going on in that situation!


At no point in the audition and appearance process is a game show obligated to put you “on the show”. Sometimes shows are very honest about this, and bring in more contestants than they actually need with the intention of not everyone getting to play on that day (but hopefully they will be playing at a later date). Sometime shows are literally watching during the taping and may switch prospective players out without any of their knowledge! This does happen at some shows – I’ve witnessed it!

PRO TIP: Keep up that high energy during the contestant briefing. You want to prove to the contestant staff that they picked you for a reason! And keep up that high energy throughout the taping, too! If you’re encouraged to get up and dance during a commercial break, DO IT. I stood up and danced at The Price is Right before the taping so I could prove I had great energy!

In the next episode of My Life In Game Shows, I’ll tell you about the first time I tried to get on a show across the Atlantic!


Thanks Ryan, looking forward to it.

One auditioning tip of Ryan’s today particularly stood out for me; Be yourself – just a bit bigger. He’s dead right – in fact, this exact advice has been given before here on the blog, by producers and executive producers of shows such as Family Feud and Millionaire Hot Seat. Game show producers are ALWAYS looking for contestants who are cheerful, outgoing and have a great sense of fun. Another way of putting Ryan’s tip would be BE YOURSELF… BUT ON A REALLY GOOD DAY!

And that’s it for this week. I’d like to thank Ryan again for sharing his game show adventures with us. Until next time!

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