My next EXCLUSIVE interview, and your homework, should you choose to accept it….

Hello! I hope you enjoyed last week’s (and the week before’s) interview with Millionaire Hot Seat Executive Producer Steve Gilbert. He was great to talk to, and I think there were some really good Who Wants To Be A Millionaire tips in our chat, for anyone interested in going on that show.

Next week, the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire theme sort of continues, as I begin my next exclusive interview. You may recall that way back in August 2013, I interviewed Australia’s second Who Wants To Be A Millionaire millionaire Martin Flood. Well, after his big win, he was approached for a pivotal on-air role in a new Australian quiz show that was being developed at the time. It was called The Master, and it pitted Martin against 5 members of the general public, who would try to beat him in a quiz format where the top prize was one million dollars.

I recently spoke to Marty about this experience in great detail, and I’m pleased to say that the resulting interview will be here in its entirety over the next few weeks. It’s fascinating stuff – Marty takes us right through the entire process, from initially being approached, through the making of the show, to its conclusion and all the public recognition he attracted  along the way as a result.

As I say, it’s a far-reaching discussion, and I suspect that you may get a bit more out of it if you have a working knowledge of the show. And so to that end, I’ve popped an episode of it up on the How To Win Game Shows Facebook page. The video is in two parts (here and here), and its total duration is just under 50 minutes.

So that’s your homework for next week, if you choose to accept it; watch the episode of The Master that’s over at Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, you’ll undoubtedly learn a few useful quiz facts, and you’ll be all set for next week’s post, when my interview with ‘The Master’ himself – Martin Flood – begins!

Until next Tuesday, then!

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