I’m back!

I'm back baby

Yes, as Bender the cigar-smoking robot so rightly says, I’m back. With a whole lot of help from my utterly brilliant nephew James, the malware that had found its way onto www.HowToWinGameShows.com has now been identified, isolated and eliminated, and the entire blog has been moved to a brand new hosting server. And James assures me that the new server has far more stringent antivirus protocols in place than the old one. And he knows about all that stuff. The whole thing has been reported to Google, and met with their approval, and so now you won’t get those big scary warnings anymore when you go to the site.

But, actually, you already know know that. Because you’re reading this.

So, in short, it’s back to business as usual…


… with the next instalment of my interview with Family Feud studio host and warm up man Russell Fletcher to be published here tomorrow (Tuesday). Thanks so much for your patience, so sorry for all the inconvenience, and on we go….

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