Sorry folks – no regular post this week, due to Logies fever.

Hello everyone,

Sorry, but I’ve had to hold over Part IV of my Russell Fletcher interview to next week, due to commitments from my latest gig.

I was the writer for the 58th Annual TV Week Logie Awards, which has been taking up an awful lot of my time of late. The ceremony was on Sunday night, and Logies Fever has subsided now, so we’ll be able to get back to business as usual here at

It was a doubly exciting night on Sunday, as Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (the show that I’m in the cast of) won the Logie for Most Outstanding Comedy Program. Shaun’s “acceptance” speech was – as expected – utterly brilliant.

That's me up the back, peeping over Roz's head.

That’s me up the back, peeping over Roz’s head. That’s Tosh next to me, laughing his head off.

Emily, Tosh, Roz & Shaun with the Logie!

Emily, Tosh, Roz & Shaun with the Logie!

Sincere smiles all roundCongratulations, Mad As Hell !

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