A selfish – and yet somehow altruistic – interruption to your regular service…

Hello, and please excuse this non-game-show-related, pluggy-type post.

But it’s all for a good cause.

At the start of February, I signed up to Febfast – which is a challenge that asks people to give up either alcohol or sugar – or both – for the month of February, to help raise money for charity.


By now, I’m obviously half way through, and so far, so good. I chose to forego alcohol, and stepping back and being on the outside looking in, I am realising just how prevalent alcohol is in Australian day-to-day life. It’s quite an eye opener, and personally, I’ve also noticed a couple of health benefits that have come from being a teetotaller. But that’s not what this is about.

Febfast is about helping young vulnerable people through vital youth support organisations, right across Australia. Through sponsor donations, Febfast helps The Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice Service, Streetlink Youth Health Service, and the Ted Noffs Foundation, to name a few. There’s more information on all the services that Febfast helps right here.

So if you’re able to help out in any way, no matter how small, by sponsoring me via this link, that’d be great.

If not, of course that’s cool too.

Either way, could I ask you to please have a cheeky drink – or two – on my behalf, at some stage between now and the end of the month?

Cheers (and I do mean that ironically, it would seem),

2 thoughts on “A selfish – and yet somehow altruistic – interruption to your regular service…

  1. It’s fascinating isn’t it? I did the same a few years ago and wow. You may opt out of a “quickie at the pub”, but until you’ve completely banned it for a month you don’t realise how prevalent it is.

    Anywho, chookas for the rest of the month!

    • You said it, Nick. It is a real eye-opener, I hadn’t realised how often I tell myself “Well, I’ve earned a drink after that”…
      It’s leading to quite a re-examination of behaviour patterns I tended to take for granted. Thank you for your kind wishes.

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