Some new (and yet, somehow strangely old) videos are up on the Facebook page!

3 appearances on the show

Hello! You may have seen that picture before, but now the shows that those screencaps were taken from are all finally online. After recently finding a few videos from the vaults, and getting them transferred from VHS, I’ve now uploaded them to the How To Win Game Shows Facebook page. It’s there that you’ll now be able to find my first appearance on Sale of the Century in 1994…


… which I covered quite a while back, in great detail, in this earlier post on

And then there’s my second (equally unsuccessful) appearance on Sale, in 1999…


… which is also dealt with in a comprehensive fashion, in this earlier post on the blog

I’ve also managed to find and upload the first four nights of my seven-night run on Temptation in 2005, all of which you can find in the “videos” section of the How To Win Game Shows Facebook page. Alongside Night Seven (the final winning night), which was already there, I think they build up a pretty good picture of the entire run. Now if I could just find those pesky missing Night 5 and Night 6 episodes…

You’ll also find this interview from A Current Affair, which went to air the night after The Big Win:


So, if you have the time and the inclination, why not pop over and have a look? And if you’d like to “Like” the page while you’re there, it’d be very much appreciated!

Of course, the full story of all of these adventures, along with a whole lot of other tips, hints, interviews and exclusive original content, can be found in the eBook How To Win Game Shows, which is STILL available at the introductory price of $19.99 AUD. Crikey!

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