'How To Win Game Shows' eBook by Stephen HallI’m really excited today.

2 years, 6 months and 6 days after starting this blog, the eBook I had the idea for is finally a reality. That’s 920 days. 22,080 hours. 1,324,800 minutes. 79,488,000 sec-

You get the idea;

quite a while.

I’m cautiously pretty pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s come in at 215 pages, and I hope I’ve organised all the information into an easy-to-access reference. There are some of the best interviews from the blog, along with more of my own game show adventures, anecdotes and advice, that I’ve never published anywhere else. There are also some pretty pictures and copies of actual documents from my various game show experiences. Oh, and I’ve also peppered through a few Interesting* Facts**, just for variety, if not for educational reasons. Here’s one I prepared earlier:

breadcrumbs 2


The eBook’s easy to get, via this page right here on this site, and for the first two weeks of its release, as part of an introductory offer, it’ll also include a SPECIAL BONUS CHAPTER. But only for two weeks! So, if you’re interested, please consider popping over to the eBook page today! And if you do grab a copy, I’d love to know what you think.

Thank you, and now I’m going off for a little snooze.

* Your results may vary.

* * Also, it may not technically be an ACTUAL “fact”… As such.

2 thoughts on “‘HOW TO WIN GAME SHOWS’: The eBook. IT’S HERE!

  1. Another good way to escape a maze is when you first enter place your left or right hand on the wall. As you walk around the maze if you keep your hand touching the wall you will eventually find the exit. Isn’t that … amazing! … sorry.

    • Absolutely true and correct, Only Me.
      That is an Actually interesting Actual fact.
      And please, never apologise for a pun.
      Not round these parts, anyway…..

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