‘How To Win Game Shows’ the eBook: COMING SOON!


As you probably know, I’m in the process of writing my first eBook: How To Win Game Shows. It’s been a long time coming, and a little while back, I made a promise to you that it would be released by 14th September.Well, I’m very pleased to report that I am currently on track to meet that goal. The book’s taking shape and I’m quite pleased with how it’s all coming together. It’s going to feature a lot of the best, most helpful content from the past 2 years of this blog, edited and cross-referenced so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily… and a whole lot of new exclusive personal content from me, that I’ve written especially for the book.
And tonight, I’m really pleased to announce that, by way of a sneak preview, I want to offer a FREE bonus chapter – that won’t be included in the eBook – to everyone on the www.howtowingameshows.com mailing list.
So if you’d like to get your FREE bonus chapter, sign up today! It’s really easy – just fill out the form in the right side bar of this page.
(I know, I know – it still looks like it’s been squashed by closing elevator doors, but it works just fine. I’ve tested it.)
So if you haven’t signed up to my mailing list, what are you waiting for?
As soon as you’ve signed up, and verified your email address, you’ll receive a welcome email from me, and the free bonus chapter will be attached to the email you’ll receive after that.
So what on earth could you possibly, conceivably have to lose?
Join the www.howtowingameshows.com mailing list, and not only will you join our game show aficionado community, you’ll also be eligible for exclusive offers and deals that just simply won’t exist anywhere else. Oh, and one more thing;
As I put the finishing touches on the eBook…
Is there anything specific you’d like to see in it? It’s not too late! Just let me know I’m the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to include any suggestions for content that you may have.
Thanks for coming on this journey with me – as the release date gets closer, I’m nervous… But excited too!

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