No post on today. Except for this one.

GumbyHello everyone.

I’m sorry to report that I won’t be reporting anything today.

Various commitments with my day job (on TV’s Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell) and my other main project (the Step-By-Step-Story app for iPhone and iPad), along with recently increased domestic responsibilities, mean that I simply haven’t had time to get a post ready for this week.

Apart from this one.

Which, as it turns out, is not particularly informative about how to win game shows.

There are no tips, no hints, no interviews with past game show winners, producers, directors or hosts. No news about what’s happening in the world of game shows, no theories about tactics or strategies, no advice about what to do with your winnings, or recommendations of other great sources of online game show information…


Not this week, anyway.

I am still on track to bring you my great interview with Julia Zemiro, actress, game show host extraordinaire, and officially Australia’s Brainiest TV Star, and that’ll be next.

In the meantime, keep watching the Twitter feed (you can follow us at @How2WinGameShow, if you haven’t already) for any little bite-sized pieces of game show news that are too brief for this blog.

Please like us on Facebook, if you haven’t already. And there’s also the howtowingameshows mailing list, which you can join by entering your details into the box just over there, to the right. (The one that looks like it’s been squashed by a pair of closing elevator doors)  ——————————————————————————————–>

And that’s it for this week’s non-existent post.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Even though it didn’t happen.

Bye for now!


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