A quick update, and a word or two from a great ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ…

Jeopardy_Season_31_titlecardHello all,

Just a quick update today. Firstly, I’m sorry to announce that I’m running ever so slightly late with my EXCLUSIVE interview with current Australian Family Feud Executive Producer Pam Barnes, so please bear with me. The interview (which was really great, by the way!) has been recorded, transcribed, and is just about ready to go. I’ll be posting the first part of it right here on Tuesday November 18th, with the remaining instalments to follow over the next few Tuesdays. So be sure to check back here for all of that!

And after that, I’ll be pleased to post another EXCLUSIVE – my interview with 26-year-old Million Dollar Minute champion Alex Dusek.

So all that’s in store in the next few weeks right here on www.howtowingameshows.com.

That’s about it for today’s brief post, but I didn’t want to finish up without giving you at least some game show information (even if it does happen to be second hand)…

And this comes from Jeopardy! champ / aficionado / total-and-utter-expert Keith Williams, from his brilliant Final Wager website. It’s a very comprehensive interview he did with 20-game Jeopardy! champ Julia Collins. There’s a lot of good info here; Keith asks Julia about her big splurge after winning 20 games and nearly $400,000 (which is at 2:22), why she took wild guesses at certain clues (which is at 15:42), and a whole lot more besides. 

You can watch the full interview (which runs for 24 and a half minutes) right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGdElwPsqLI

And if you’re not familiar with Keith’s Final Wager blog,which is all about Game Theory (and not just how it relates to Jeopardy!)… it is completely unmissable, and you can find it right here: http://thefinalwager.co/

That’s it for now. I’ll be back on Tuesday, with Part I of my EXCLUSIVE interview with multi-award winning game show producer Pam Barnes.

Until Tuesday, then!

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