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And now it’s time for one of our all-too-occasional brief Game Show News Updates…

First up, our old friend – and Jeopardy! champion – Arthur Chu is still feeling the effects of the unpopularity of his run on the show. If you’ll recall, Arthur shot to fame (or should that be infamy?) earlier this year when he won over $300,000 in a Jeopardy! winning streak, that lasted for 11 episodes. Earlier this month, he wrote an article for The Huffington Post, which you can read here. In the article, Arthur discusses his time on the show, the feedback / fallout, and reflects on who he is, why he did what he did, and how he thinks and feels about the whole experience, what happened next, and what’s happening now. It’s an interesting read, and also an very revealing examination of ‘nerd culture’ – who nerds are, and why they (/we) do the things they (/we) do. Really well worth a read!

Now this is a new one; a TV game show played and shot on board commercial aeroplanes. The Game Plane is a new idea from producers Alpine Labs. It’s an in-flight game show that’s part general knowledge quiz, part dexterity game, part game of chance, and it’s hosted by Antiques Roadshow‘s Mark L Walberg. The first series of 40 episodes has just been completed, on board flights run by US domestic carrier Allegiant Air. Prizes included cash and luxury resort vacations. There’s no word yet on a second series, but if you’d like to be a contestant, you can find out more here.

And finally in this week’s short bulletin…. Just for fun, a look at ten board games that were adapted to become TV game shows. The AV Club looks at these bold experiments in media-hopping. From Boggle to Yahtzee, from Trivial Pursuit to Monopoly... These adaptations must all have sounded like a good idea at the time.

To someone.

At some stage…

Next week, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be posting the first part of the latest EXCLUSIVE interview that I’ve managed to score for Russell Cheek is an accomplished actor, writer, director, teacher, facilitator and motivator, but he’s also one of Australia’s greatest quiz show champions. In 1993, Russell blitzed through 8 consecutive nights on Sale of The Century, going through to win “The Lot” – a swag of incredible prizes and a huge cash jackpot. I was thrilled when Russell agreed to chat to me about his experience, and offer some tips and hints as to how he did it. Part I of our discussion will be here on nexct week, but in the meantime, you can see what Russell’s been up to lately here, at his website (

Until next week, then!

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