EXCLUSIVE interview with game show host Ed Phillips – Part V

9669ecda4622d574d28adc5109802b1bEd_Phillips_casual_in_whiteBeing Part the Fifth of my exclusive interview with Mr Edouard Phillips, in which the topics of discussion range from his favourite game shows and his further televisual ambitions to contestant controversies on Temptation!

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SH: What are your favourite game shows?

EP: I watch on YouTube a few clips of fun stuff because there are always highlights. The dude who does Family Feud in the states. He’s hilarious. He is completely funny. And he breaks into song, he has all the families cracking up. I think he is just absolutely genius.

SH: I have a feeling he might have just got a daytime Emmy.

EP: Oh really? That’s great then. He is funny. He’d be in his fifties. He is legendary. Before him, the guy that used to do it was one of the prisoners on Hogan’s Heroes – the British guy.

SH: Richard Dawson.

EP: He was hilarious! I used to watch and go “that’s the dude from Hogan’s Heroes! That’s great!” The Brits and the Americans are so good at it. So I watch the little highlights of those guys. They’re so slick. I love that Drew Carey loves doing The Price Is Right, in the states. He doesn’t have to work, ’cause he’s minted, but he loves doing it, and he’s just so casual. He just laughs with it and he is getting attacked left, right and centre by frantic contestants so he’s got a great style as well. And he’s doing it for the right reasons, because he just loves giving stuff away.

SH: That’s true. What show would you like to host that you haven’t had a chance to host yet?

EP: The Today Show.

SH: Really? Yeah, I can see that.

EP: Yeah. But if it could start at about 7:15, that would work in better with me.

SH: You’re not too much of an early riser?

EP: Well, I am, but 3:30 is not good for getting up and getting ready. So… happy with about 5:30. Drive in, make some toast, some product in the hair, suit on… Go! Ready for 7:15.

SH: I’d like to see you doing that. That’d be great.

EP: Brunch! Let’s call it Brunch!

SH: Okay sure, done! Just a couple of final questions. Did anyone ever cheat, and get thrown off the show? Were there any controversies or scandals?

EP: The only thing I can remember was someone in the final minute was ahead by X amount of points, and tried to buzz in and the competitor… he was obviously friends or had made some sort of a friendship with someone else in that same show. That other person buzzed in a lot and got a lot of wrong answers. So the one in the middle who didn’t get the chance to make a run complained that he was being blocked. Looking at it, it kind of looked a bit like that. There was a lot of waiting time in the green room beforehand. And so someone had obviously gotten someone’s goat, so this other competitor buzzed in a lot to just block him from answering and having a chance at winning. There was a bit of a think about that one, but the Head Honchos sorted it out. 

SH: It’s not against the rules.

EP: I guess not. I mean, he had no chance of winning himself.

SH: But he was taking everyone else with him.

EP: Yes. That was interesting.


Next week sees the conclusion of my chat with Ed, in which I ask him about the future of game shows in Australia, and he reveals his fascinating insider knowledge on the workings and machinations of the big three commercial TV networks here. And if anyone would know, he would!

Until next week then, and in the meantime, remember you can follow Ed on Twitter right here. 


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