In this week’s final instalment of my exclusive Mikey_Robins_01interview with two-time TV Quiz Show Champ Mikey Robins (Australia’s Brainiest Comedian, Temptation‘s ‘King of Comedy’), we continue our discussion of his winning run on Temptation‘s ‘King of Comedy’ Specials (the final of which can be viewed right here) and Mikey gives his Top 3 Tips for Game Show success.

But first, to pick up where we left off….

Last week, I asked Mikey if he’d done any preparation for going on Temptation. This was his answer.

MR: I suppose one thing was I watched Temptation, and I used to watch Sale of the Century as a kid, so I knew the format. And not that I had any particular strategy, but I remember thinking that most comics have got fairly quick brains, so I remember thinking the game’s going to be won or lost on the ‘Fast Money’ rounds.

SH: Ah, that’s interesting; because all comedians can think on their feet, but it’s a question of thinking of facts rather than gags…?

MR: I think you use pretty much the same synapses. I mean, the ability to come up with a joke is just the ability to organise a fact in a humorous way. You need to start with the fact that you know the fact.

SH: That’s interesting. And so you reckon it’s using the same “brain muscles”?

MR: I think it is, and I think that’s the reason why you’re not the only comedian I know who’s done well on a game show. There’s Matt Parkinson, and Russell Cheek, who I used to work with in the Castanet Club, who won Sale of the Century years ago. Whenever they do these celebrity quiz shows, you tend to find that comics do pretty well.

SH: What was the best thing about doing the show (other than winning)?

MR: Other than winning? I suppose the best thing was catching up with all those comedians. Because everyone’s off touring and doing their shows, it was nice to spend a day just hanging out with your mates.

SH: And finally, if you could give 3 Top Tips for anyone contemplating going on a game show, what would they be?

MR: Go to the bathroom. Think of it as being in the car with mum and dad when you were a kid. Go to the bathroom before you go on – you certainly don’t need anything else on your mind.


MR: Eat a light meal.

SH: Yes, good.

MR: And try and enjoy yourself. I think the key to winning is being relaxed. I think if you go an and try to have fun, I think that’s probably the best thing. Obviously, most people who go on have played trivia games and they enjoy playing trivia games, so just take that mindset onto the set. And try not to yawn when Eddie tells an anecdote.

SH: (LAUGHING) Okay, that’s a good tip. Do you have any desire to do it all again?

MR: It’s funny – ever since I won both of those, there’s been a bunch of celebrity quiz shows, but I don’t get asked on. I think I might have shot my load, so to speak.

SH: Sure, okay – you’ve retired.

MR: It’s like “Oh no, he wins. Don’t get him on.”

SH: Maybe something will come along and they’ll drag you out of retirement.

MR: Or maybe I’ll just be Jerry Seinfeld; “I’ll never run again…” I’ll just let the legend hang. He won two game shows in a matter of months! “I’ll never run again…”

SH: Go out at the top of your game?

MR: Yeah! Also, I’m playing for charity; it’s not like I’m making any damn money out of it.

SH: (LAUGHING) Mikey, thank you so much for you time, and for doing this.

MR: No worries, I can go and finish my avocado on toast now.

SH: Cool, please do. Thanks again, Mikey Robins!

And that’s where we left it. Thanks so much once again to Mikey Robins for his time.

And if you have any comments on this interview, please do let me know!

Next week on www.howtowingameshows.com, we’ll get the perspective from the other side of the podium, in Part One of my EXCLUSIVE interview with game show host Ed Phillips! So be sure to check in again then, at www.howtowingameshows.com.

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