Announcing 2 new EXCLUSIVE interviews – Game Show Champ AND Game Show Host!

Hello. I’m very pleased .this week to announce not one, but TWO exclusive brand new interviews for!

The first is with Australia’s Brainiest Comedian (and that’s official!) – Mikey Robins.


AND, he’s ALSO Temptation’s “King of Comedy”.

AND he won both titles in the same year!

Mikey has been one of Australia’s best-loved, and most in-demand, comedians for many years now. As a two-time quiz show winner, Mikey has many valuable insights to offer, and as a brilliant comedian, he’s also pretty bloody entertaining along the way. I was delighted when he agreed to be interviewed by me for this site, and the transcript of my interview with him will begin here next week.

After Mikey’s interview, I’m thrilled to report that I also got a chance to sit down and have a chat with Ed Phillips – the host of Australian TV Game Shows Pot of Gold, Battle of the Sexes… and, of course, Temptation.


My discussion with Ed was wide-ranging; he had a lot of interesting observations to make from ‘the other side of the podium’, in his position as Game Show Host. In addition to that, his reminiscences from his time appearing as a contestant on the celebrity edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire make for interesting reading, too! I’m very grateful to Ed for giving me his time, and his interview will directly follow Mikey’s, in the upcoming weeks.

And (just quietly), I have a few more interviews planned for other Major Players in the TV Game Show world, so…

If you’d like to ask any questions of any game show Major Players (from either ‘side of the podium’), what would they be?

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