And Now For Something Completely Different… I’ve created an iPhone app! 

Step-By-Step-Story iconFirstly, apologies that there have been no updates here for a while. The subject of this post is a big part of the reason why! Now I’m not actually going to talk about game shows today, so please bear with me. I promise I’ll only use to talk about this today, and then I’ll return to our regular content.


Now, you know how people often say “I’ve got a great idea for an app”? Well, I was one of those people, and I followed it through, and now it’s a real thing.

It’s a 2-player, turn-based creative writing game, based on the old game where two people write a story together, one paragraph at a time, passing the story back and forth between them, and watching it grow.

With my mate from school – IT Dude Extraordinaire Tim Presland – I designed the app, created a plan, and interviewed over 20 app developers online, before eventually hiring a team in Ahmedabad, India to build it for us. Over the next few months, the app evolved, as various versions of it went back and forth between us and them, with our feedback, tweaks and comments being supplied by email and Skype meetings… until we arrived at the app as it is today.

It’s called ‘Step-By-Step-Story’, and it’s now available for iPhone and iPad on the iTunes store. It’s completely free in this introductory stage, and you can get it here:

After the free introductory period, when we do start charging for it, I’m really pleased to announce that we’ll be donating a percentage of all profits to The World Literacy Foundation.

I’m quite excited about this. They’re a not-for-profit, non-denominational organisation that was set up here in Melbourne, doing great work in teaching literacy for kids all over the world. They also keenly embrace digital technology as a powerful literacy teaching tool, which is something that I – and ‘Step-By-Step-Story’ itself – can certainly relate to!

On a personal level, one of the best things about the app so far is that I’m currently using it to write a story with my daughter Lily, who’s 7. She loves the app, and is also using it to write a story with her Grandma, who lives in Brisbane. I think (well, I hope) that this shows that ‘Step-By-Step-Story’ can be an engaging app for creative people of almost any age.

Anyway, that’s it – just wanted to let you know. This has been a real passion project, and if you have an iPhone or iPad, I’d love you to download the app, give it a try and let me know what you think. Tim and I have loads of ideas for Version 2.0, but it’s pointless spending the money to do any of them unless they’re features that users really want.

So feedback is really crucial.

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Normal service will resume as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different… I’ve created an iPhone app! 

  1. Nawwww not available for Android… and Nawwwww not a quiz buster app. Good luck with it, though! It sounds awesome, and good on you for having the balls to move ahead with it and DO it rather than just letting it remain a pipe dream. I hope it kicks butt. Let us know when it’s available on Android!

    • Thank you so much, Yvette…
      Yes, a prime motivation was that I never wanted to be one of those people who said “Hey, I’ve got a great idea for an app!”, and then told my friends about it, and then didn’t do anything about it, and then (presuming it was a good idea) bored those same friends with my impotent rage when someone other than me made my good idea a real thing…
      Sorry about the whole ‘not-being-available-on-android-yet’ thing, but when the app progresses past its infancy, that’s the FIRST thing on our agenda!

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