Game show news update #5

newsreader - 'sup y'allHello and welcome to another quick round-up of recent game show news from around the world…

First up today, even more Price Is Right winning tips. Following on from our previous posts on 14th November and 20th November, here’s an article by Carla Day, with even more tips on how to win the games on The Price Is Right. This time, the tips come straight from the show’s Executive Producer Mike Richards and host Drew Carey, and I particularly like Drew’s tip about the prices of the cars on the show. The article’s URL is

Who Wants To Be A Crorepati? The Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Kaun Banega Crorepati – has celebrated its first female champion for this year. 26-year-old Firoz Fatma has taken home a cheque for the show’s ultimate prize – Rs. 1 crore. A Crore is a unit in the South Asian numbering system equal to 10 million. So that’s 10 million rupees (equivalent to around $US 162,000).

Although we haven’t spent much time discussing Big Brother here – and when I say “much time”, I mean “any time” – the fact remains that it’s an extremely successful game show, in many territories all over the world. And just like all other game shows, it appears that there are tactics and strategies that contestants can use to give them the edge. Well, at least according to Tim Dormer, the most recent winner of Australian Big Brother. He discusses his Big Brother … wait for it…    journey here, including the mindgames he reckons he played. And hey, he’s just become $250 000 richer, so who are we to argue?

In Hong Kong, a brother and sister have been jailed, after being caught cheating on a live TV game show. After bribing a worker at the TV station to phone them with the correct answers, Fung Kin-fung, 29, and Fung Kwan-wai, 28, won cash and prizes totalling $HK 348,830. But then it all started to unravel… the full story is here. For the record, $HK 348,830 is worth about $US 44,990 at the time of writing.

And finally, a distinctly Hollywood approach to getting on game shows and reality shows, from Dingo over at Hollywood Oracle. Entitled 10 Hollywood Secrets On How To Get On A  Game Show / Reality how, it assumes:

1) that you’re in Los Angeles,

2) That you’re really interested in getting your big break in showbiz, and

3) that getting your head on TV is more important to you than cash and fabulous prizes.

So, if all three of these criteria apply to you… then go for it, you vainglorious bugger!

And that’s all for this news update. See yez!


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