Exclusive interview with ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ winner Martin Flood – Part 6

Marty Flood Millionaire

When we left off last week, we were discussing the 3 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire lifelines: ‘Ask The Audience’, ‘Phone-A-Friend’ and ’50/50’…


SH: Did you think there’d be any specific point in the show where you’d be more likely to one of the lifelines?

MF: Having watched countless episodes, I noticed sometimes I got stuck at the 32K question. So unfortunately I often imagined that’s where I would get stuck when I was in the hot seat. Lo and behold… I got to 32 grand, and the question was…

I looked at the options and thought “I know this from somewhere … ” I just knew it was the Philippines somehow. However I couldn’t picture anything in my mind and all of a sudden I had this thought tickertape across my mind – ‘you don’t know the answer!’ and I suddenly doubted myself. So even though I had mentioned I thought the answer was the Philippines I went to the audience life line. I knew I would have influenced them, so in a way this was a mistake. With 62% going with the Philippines, it gave me some confidence so I locked that in. I realised about 6 months later how I thought I knew it. I was pottering around the house while in the background I had set the DVD recorder to record episodes of Temptation from VHS to DVD. These episodes were about a year old. Then I suddenly heard “Mount Pinatubo, which massively erupted in 1991, is in which Asian – “? Buzz! “The Philippines”! I realised they had repeated the question almost word for word from Temptation to Millionaire. So Mount Pinatubo and the Philippines were there
somewhere in my memory.

SH: When you were doing the show, did you have any mantras, or self-talk …

MF: Yes. The mantra I had was “15 correct answers in the hot seat”. I would say that over and over again in my head. It seemed to be concise and exactly what I wanted.

SH: That reminded of how finite and achievable your goal was?

MF: Yes and it kept making me visualize me in the hot seat and getting the whole damn lot correct. I never imagined getting any wrong, and I never imagined myself taking a cheque for anything less than a million dollars. In fact, of all the strategies – I had lots of strategies worked out – I never had a strategy for when I took the cheque. There was no “under these circumstances, I will take a quarter of a million dollar cheque, or $32 000” it was “I’m taking the million dollar cheque”.

SH: I think that was mine too – All or nothing.

MF: It wasn’t “All or nothing”… it was “All”!

Inspiring thoughts there! Next time, Martin discusses the unexpected controversy that blew up around his success on the show, along with its aftermath… Until then!

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