Game show news update #4

newsreader - CopyHello and welcome to a quick Game Show News Update, for Thursday October 3rd, 2013…

If you’re in the States, and keen to try your luck on the long-running (42 seasons and counting!) game show The Price Is Right, you’ll know that you’re not alone. Thousands of people try to get on the show each year. Surely there must be some tips or hints that can tip the scales in your favour? Well, there just might be… Here’s a fantastic article by Carla Day that popped up online last Thursday. It contains some really great tips from host Drew Carey and Executive Producer Mike Richards. 

And from Australia, neatly following on from the first part of our interview with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire million dollar winner Martin Flood, comes this great article from Brisbane’s Courier Mail. It’s an interview with Millionaire Hot Seat Executive Producer Steve Gilbert, who outlines his 5 top tips for getting on the show. They do tend to echo the tips we’ve heard elsewhere on this site, but it’s nice to have them confirmed and reiterated by the show’s current head honcho. In brief, they are:

1. Develop an entertaining 60-second description of your life

2. Practice talking in front of a video camera

3. Scrub up on your general knowledge

4. Make sure your schedule is flexible

5. Be entertaining on the show, or else

You can read the full interview, and these points in more detail, here.

And finally, from our ‘what-will-they-think-of-next’ department…. British TV network ITV2 has just commissioned a new horror-based game show entitled Release The Hounds ! This new idea from Sony Pictures Television sees three contestants entering a forest at dusk, and searching for chests full of prize money. What they don’t know is that to retrieve the keys needed to unlock the chests, they must endure a night of horror-filled challenges, including outrunning a pack of hounds trained to guard the cash. And good luck to them. Sounds like they’ll earn every cent of that prize money. The full article’s here.

And that’s it from the news desk for now. Until next time…

Keep it real, y’all.


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