Game show news update #3

newsreaderGood evening. Here is the news.

First, the game show story that’s made headlines all over the world recently. In Pakistan, popular game show Aman Ramzan is offering abandoned babies as one of its prizes. Such a controversial and emotive idea has – predictably enough – prompted immediate outrage from all corners of the world. But what of the plights of those babies and the futures they would otherwise have had? Pakistan doesn’t officially recognise adoption, and host Aamir Liaquat Hussain says he’s giving these unfortunate infants a chance at a much better life than they could otherwise have expected. So what do we have here? A cheap, exploitative and emotive circus that offers human lives as prizes? Or an endeavour with an eye on social justice, giving abandoned, unloved and unwanted children the best chance they may have at a good life in a far-from-perfect system? I’d argue that’s a tough question.

On a lighter note, it looks like That Puppet Game Show (which I mentioned in my last one of these updates) hasn’t been very well received. I suppose we won’t be seeing it on TV in Australia anytime soon, then.

Still in the UK, if you’re in England, you can apply for tickets to see the pilot of a new comedy game show entitled Win A Mediocre Prize! It’s hosted by Rob Brydon, who’s a fantastic comic actor, and a real favourite of mine. And with a title like that, I get the feeling that being the audience might be just as rewarding – if not more rewarding – than being an actual contestant.

And speaking of game show opportunities, if you’re in Philadelphia or New York, there’s still time to audition for Ryan Seacrest’s new show, Million Second Quiz. All the details are here.

Now here’s something that I hadn’t heard of before, but apparently it’s been going for some 9 years in the states. The Price Is Right Live Stage Show – a live touring version of the TV show, that plays in theatres! As you’ll see, reactions to the concept have been mixed, but it seems like a fascinating (and savvy) idea from this distance. Has anyone had any experience with The Price Is Right Live? If so, please tell us about it, in the comments section below. 

Here’s a rich vein for all you Yanks and Brits; English game shows versus American game shows. This article suggests some English game shows that should be remade for American television. The point made in the ‘comments’ section about panel-style game shows with comedians (a la Never Mind The Buzzcocks) is a good one, but they should look to Australian TV as a warning; there is such a thing as too many of these…

And finally, a minor controversy erupted a couple of weeks ago, when young Thomas Hurley’s (misspelled) correct answer on Jeopardy was deemed incorrect. Here’s the moment in question. This prompted a vigorous debate on social media, and this open letter to Thomas, from a CNN journalist. What do you think? Should Thomas’s answer have been deemed correct? He wouldn’t have won the game, but is the principle more important? Feel free to comment, below. 

And that about wraps it up for this Game show news update. Up next, Tony looks at sport (by which I mean he just sits and watches it on TV ) and Cindy has all the weather.

And when I say “Cindy has all the weather”, I don’t mean she has it all to herself. We all have it, really.

Don’t we?

I mean, there’s enough weather to go round.

For everyone.

Good night.


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