Game Show News Update #2…

newsreaderGood evening, and welcome. It’s time now to do a quick check on what’s new in the world of game shows….

Firstly, there’s a nationwide US casting call for families, for a brand new family game show. It’s all a bit mysterious, but we do know that it’s called Wall of Fame, and it’s brought to us by Endemol, the huge Dutch production company behind Deal Or No Deal, Big Brother and many other smash hits… so it’s certainly got a good pedigree.

Next, there are reports all over the net about NBC’s new celebrity game show Hollywood Game Night, which is hosted by Glee‘s Jane Lynch. Being in Australia, I haven’t had a chance to see this one yet, but it sounds like fun. NBC have also launched The Winner Is..., which is described as “a combination singing competition and game show”. There’s a top prize of $1 million in this one, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

And now, from our ‘That’s-So-Crazy-It-Just-Might-Work’ department… American Idol‘s Ryan Seacrest looks set to host a bizarre new concept in game shows called Million Second Quiz. It features a gigantic hourglass, and a “living leader board” of 4 people competing in a quiz for 12 days straight, in front of a studio audience… and Manhattan passers-by. I kid you not. Perhaps that’s what Elvis meant, when he sang “The Edge of Reality”.

For our friends in the UK, evergreen game show darling Carol Vorderman’s new show Revolution – which saw contestants competing to win up to £3 million – has been axed, before it even began. Despite high hopes for the show in the Saturday evening timeslot, apparently network executives were unimpressed with the pilot, and decided not to take the concept any further. I hope none of the contestants in the (non-broadcast) pilot were counting on receiving their prize money….

And finally, some news of a game show winner really doing their bit for science. It seems that the IBM Supercomputer Watson – who won $1 million on Jeopardy in 2011, defeating former champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings – has been pressed into service in the arena of healthcare. This is a brilliant development, and it is always nice to see a former winner giving something back.

That about wraps it up for this week’s quick news flash. See you next time.

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